DTM DB Stress Revision History

Version 1.24.13 (21-OCT-2020)
  • DTM Data Editor integration implemented
  • Better SQL auto-complete feature support for task editor
  • Performance counters report management improved
Version 1.23
  • Cumulative user interface update
  • Major built-in test data generator update
  • New portable value library format and content
Version 1.22
  • New command line switch (-x)
  • Test data generation engine update (new built-in functions, better references support)
  • Connectivity improvements (MySQL)
Version 1.21
  • Better transaction support for complex scripts
  • SQL and Text/Excel reports addition: performance counters can be included into report
  • Export and import settings functions added
Version 1.20
  • Import script from SQL Server Profiler trace added
  • HTML execution report localization feature added
  • HTML reports (project and execution) customization by CSS implemented
Version 1.19
  • Task editor enhancements
  • Show execution plan feature is now support Oracle (Enterprise edition only)
  • Export project to portable format added (Enterprise edition only)
  • Minor project and execution (HTML) reports enhancements
Version 1.18
  • Plug-ins are now integrated to main code for better performance (Enterprise edition only)
  • New settings editor design, new options and settings
  • New report items added
  • Cumulative connectivity module update
Version 1.17
  • Major pattern library update, new value library entries and lists
  • Parameter dependency feature added
  • User interface enhancements and fixes
Version 1.16
  • New graphics engine for statistics
  • New feature: save thread output to file
  • Hotkeys improvements

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