What kind of client activity can I emulate with this database stress tool?

Data Loading Activity

In this case, DTM DB Stress generates a set of INSERT statements using built-in test data generator or based on user-defined file with values.
This test allows users to analyze connectivity performance, server productivity and server side code (triggers, procedures, etc) effectiveness. Most useful metric for this case is a number of rows that information system can insert into the table per second for this environment: server, client, and communication channel. Moreover, client or server influence can be evaluated by running the same test in the different environments. Note: DTM Data Generator can also be used for data loading tests.

Transaction Processing

The stress tool executes a complex set of INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and stored procedure call statements in this case. This set emulates typical database client activity.
DTM DB Stress has a few parameterization features and options that make this emulation more realistic. For example, the user can define the random interval between statement or even test job executions.

This test shows how many end users can work with your database or server application without critical performance degradation.
The number of executed jobs (mentioned SQL statements sets) per second is a good metric for this type of activity.


This activity can be described as a set of data extraction and aggregation. In most cases, it can be emulated by a set of complex SELECT statements and specific stored procedures execution.
This activity evaluation shows you how many reports you can run against your database at once or how complex report you can execute without system productivity degradation.

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