February, 2011

New stress testing capabilities in DTM DB Stress tool
DTM soft releases major update of the database stress testing tool.

All modern database applications serve a lot of clients. The stress testing process allows database developers to analyze application behavior under pressure of hundreds clients. DTM DB Stress is a software designed to make stress testing easy and effective.

The new version of the stress testing tool has a few improvements. These additions make stress testing process and client activity emulation more realistic. The built-in test data generator allows the user to add fortuity to emulated client. New task properties allow the user to tune client activities in more details.

The SQL library support is another great addition of the new version. It is an easy way to organize SQL scripts used to emulate client activities and to share them with team members.

The third group of enhancements is related to reporting. DTM soft adds a few report items and increases report detailization to provide the user more information about application or server behavior under stress tests.

The software is distributed electronically over the Internet. It is windows application that compatible all modern Windows versions. It is database independent due to unified database interfaces support: ODBC, OLE DB, and IDAPI. Native Oracle interface (OCI) is supported as well.

DTM soft is an ISV specializing in developing data processing utilities.

December, 2004 [Russian Version]

DTM soft releases DTM DB Stress
Taking stress out of stress testing.

DTM DB Stress is a specialized stress testing utility for server parts of information systems (databases), related applications and database servers themselves. The purpose of the tool is to allow database developers and QA specialists see how applications and hardware handle heavy data traffic, multiple simultaneous connections, competing queries and transactions.

DTM DB Stress allows database developers and administrators create and set up a non-stop flow of server queries in the form of OLAP (query execution) or OTLP (adding, deleting or editing data in databases). Program users can alter both the quantity and priority of queries for databases or related applications.

DTM DB Stress comes with a test package that has a big set of various database tasks in the form of SQL statements. The program allows launching multiple copies of one task, running parallel in different threads. It is possible to set individual priorities for each task, including priorities. Thus, the package lets any database administrator test current database performance in order to estimate the maximum threshold or to properly plan for future system upgrades.

DTM soft is a well-known software company specializing in developing database processing and reporting utilities. The company signature is remarkable simplicity and efficiency of all software titles DTM soft has developed and released. DTM DB Stress is the latest addition to the company's database processing software product line that includes titles like DTM SQL editor, DTM Migration Kit, DTM Data Generator, DTM Data Editor and DTM Schema Reporter.

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