Show Execution Plan for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle feature Overview

The show plan module is a part of Enterprise version of DTM DB Stress, database benchmarking utility.

This component enables the user to optimize SQL statements by execution details analyzing. A query execution plan outlines how the Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle query optimizer actually ran task's statement. This information is valuable when it comes time to find out why a specific SQL statement is running slow. The module is a useful addition for developers who deal with query performance tuning and optimization.

Key Features

  • The 'Execution Plan' module adds a new section into HTML execution report.
  • It shows, depends on database type: statement text, the physical and logical operation for each execution stage, estimations for row numbers, input/output operations, and server's CPU usage.
  • Supports all modern versions of the Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.
  • Allows to create a set of reports after each performance tuning step and compare plans.
DTM DB Stress: Show SQL statement Execution Plan module sample output

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