Load Testing Solution for Oracle Database

The Oracle database load testing is a bulk data inserting, modifying or removing. DTM DB Stress also collects a few performance metrics. The key product feature is emulating a few classes of client activities at once. For example, the user is enabled to emulate 25 sales points, 10 accountants and 15 warehouse activities with cumulative and separated statistics.

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How to create load testing project for Oracle?

There are a few simple steps:

  • Connect to database using ODBC driver or native Oracle Call Interface (OCI).
  • Create one task per kind of client activity to be emulates.
  • Enter or load SQL script or statement for each activity type. The statement or script should describe usual activity of the end user.
  • Define number of virtual users (threads) for each task: 25, 10 and 15 users as in mentioned example.

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