How the data comparison process designed in DTM Data Comparer?

This page describes data compare process released in DTM Data Comparer. There are data compare steps:

  1. Data preparation and requesting. The program creates two data sets to be compared.
  2. The program fetches data from both data sets sequentially corresponding to primary key or manually selected unique column(s).
    The program uses bold font for Key columns.
  3. The comparer marks by yellow data row that have no row with same key value in another table. We call these rows "orphaned". (Rows #9 and #10 at the picture).
  4. For each non-orphaned row the program compares any non-key value.
    The rows with equal values in all positions are equal and be marked by green icon (row #7).
    Otherwise red icon will be used for row and red background for different column (row #8).

DTM Data Comparer: data comparison results viewer


  • To compare only part of table or tables WHERE clause should be specified for one or both tables.
  • The user can view only different rows in the results switching on related option.
  • The program can hide not mapped columns.
  • Not mapped columns have white background after data compare process.

Please evaluate demo (?) version of the comparison tool

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