How to compare data with DTM Data Comparer software?

DTM Data Comparer is a software that developed to help users to compare data easy and fast. The key product feature is database comparison results visualization. There are only three simple steps to compare data with this tool:

  1. Connect to database for primary and secondary data sources. You can operate with a single database as well as with two different databases (like DB2 and Informix).
  2. Select two tables to be compared.
  3. Run the compare data process.

Also, a few optional settings make compare data process more flexible. They are:

  • WHERE clause allows users to limit data rows to be compared
  • Mapping feature is an easy way to compare data with a different structure.
  • Data compare process can produce HTML report (sample comparison report) ans well as XML or Excel report. The user can specify project level file name or product level report file.
  • Custom unique key specification to compare data from tables without primary key
  • NULL value comparison option. The user can consider all NULL values different or equal

Read more about data comparison tool's settings and options.

Can DTM Data Comparer compare data in my databases?

  • The comparison tool must be executed at Windows system even your database is located on Linux, Solaris or even mainframe system.
  • You must have ODBC driver or OLE DB provider to connect your database. For Oracle, the program can use native Oracle Call Interface (OCI) instead.
  • Both tables to be compared must have unique column or set of columns. The primary key will be recognized automatically. Otherwise, you should select unique key manually.

Please try out our demo (?) version that allows you to evaluate database connectivity, user interface, and data compare process.

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