How to compare text file with database table using DTM Data Comparer

DTM Data Comparer has a few comparison and synchronization modes. In the "file to table" mode, it compares text file with a database table or view. The software supports tab-delimited, CSV and fixed-width files as well as custom delimited files.

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Step by step guide

  • Switch to "File to table" tab of the program*.
  • Establish a connection for right side if not connected yet.
  • Select a table or view to be compared at the right side of the window.
  • Enter optional WHERE clause for the table if necessary.
  • Select a file to be compared with "..." button.
  • Select a file format: tab-delimited, CSV or custom delimited**.
  • Select column delimiter (separator) for custom delimited files.
  • Check or uncheck "File has column header" option depends on file content.
  • To create HTML, Excel or XML report the user should provide report file name at project properties or product settings.
  • Run the comparison or synchronization.

* the user is allowed to assign "File to table" as default comparison mode using settings window.
** the fixed width file can be compared as well. Please refer to the following page for details.

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