Command line options

DTM Data Generator supports following command line switches:

-b - run BLOB loader with stored options at program startup.

-r - if present, run specified or recent generation project at program startup.

-q - quit application after project execution.

-p - switch Performance Mode on.

-@ - use custom connection profile*. Please note that you can use "Export One" button at the connect window to save connection profile to disk file.

-c - console mode*.

-s - silent mode: no output, logging only**.

* - supported by Enterprise and Professional versions only.
** - supported by Enterprise version only.

The console mode is a way to run the software when it doesn't open any dialogs and doesn't need any interference from the user. A project file for the console mode must be prepared and tested beforehand. The program will use the recent database connection in console mode.

Return Codes

The console mode returns integer result code to the Windows shell. There are code values:

  • 0 - the project executed successfully
  • 2 - internal lock, please rerun the software
  • 4 - could not load predefined or provided project file
  • 5 - could not restore connection
  • 6 - project file is empty
  • 8 - configuration error or trial period was expire
  • 10- schema verification process fails, the database schema changes detected
  • 12- execution canceled by user
  • 14- bulk mode was configured incorrectly
  • 16- complete with errors, at lease one row was rejected by database
  • 18- rule initialization error

This mode enables you to integrate the product with the Windows task schedule system as well as to execute projects prepared beforehand according to the schedule.

Connection profile can be created by Export button at the Connect Window.

Also, you can use project name as a command line parameter.

Example: DG.EXE -r d:\MyProjects\FillClients.dgp -@d:\acc.conprof