Version Control Systems Support

The generator allows the user to operate with Version Control System as well as open or save files directly from the local or remote file system.

Visual SourceSafe

The software has predefined support for Visual SourceSafe by Microsoft. To operate with this VCS the user should define:

  • VSS database information/location
  • VSS project to be used
  • user name and password for repository access
  • Local folder to be used for temporary project file

Custom Version Control Systems

DTM Data Generator also supports custom VCS definition. In this case, the user has to define command line for most popular operations: check-in, check-out, add a new item, etc. Any defined command line can contain following macros:

  • %USER% - user name for repository access
  • %PASSWORD% - password
  • %LOCAL-PATH% - folder for local file operations.
  • %LOCAL-FILE% - file name for the operation.
  • %COMMENT% - optional comment or note.

Important note: if you want to use system command or batch file, please add 'cmd.exe ' before actual command.