From the file data generation method

This generation method enables users to use text local or web-based file as a data source. If the column defines a group the correct value separator should be defined.

There are settings for this data generation method:

  • "Value" separator is useful for group definition.
  • "Use values sequentially" option means the program will use list items from the first to the last. When the list ends the program starts from the first item again.

DTM Data Generator: from text file data generation method


Unicode version of the data generator recognizes ANSI, UTF8 and UTF16 (Low engian and Big endian) files automatically.

http:// or ftp:// prefix is required for Internet or intranet resource access.

Pattern Engine

$File function of the engine is the alternative of the fill method. $WebFile can request the file from we network over HTTP or FTP call.