Project execution settings
Option Default Description
Maximum LOB size 4095 The program will not generate large objects longer this value.
Unique value generation attempts 50 The program stops generation process if could not generate a unique value after this number of attempts.
Repeatable mode Off The program generates same data for a few runs if this option is switched On and "initial value" is same.
Repeatable mode initial value 12345 The value that the program will use as a base for the repeatable mode.
Remove Comma Separator from numbers On This option is useful for external data sources those contain the numeric values with separators like 1,020.50 The program will import 1020.50 is this option is switched on.
Recreate table for scrambling   The program will drop and create target table between each scrambling execution. Use existing one otherwise.
Custom quote chars On The program will use this symbol (or symbols) to quote names. By default, it will use system symbols (SQL_IDENTIFIER_QUOTE_CHAR).
Use 'N' Unicode prefix On The generator will add N before Unicode strings when this mode is switched On. Example N'abc' instead of 'abc'
Verify database schema On The indication that the program must verify database schema before project execution.
Save project before execution On The generator saves current project to the disk file before the run if this option is switched On.
Single Transaction Mode Off The generator will execute the whole project as a single transaction. In any rule or statement fails project will be rolled back.
Performance mode is default Off The generator switches to performance mode with this settings. The program should be restarted.
Bulk Insert Mode Off The fast mode to load data to local Microsoft SQL Server. IMPORTANT: it is not compatible with another output modes. You should not use this mode together with "Save generated data to Text File" project option.

Project Execution Options
DTM Data Generator: project execution settings