Rule and project settings
Option Default Description
Length range of random strings 0 to 4096 If possible, the program will generate random strings with length in the defined range.
Default decimal places 0 Number of decimal places in case the program could not detect it for database column.
Special Character Set See screenshot A set of additional symbols that be used to generate random strings if allowed by related rule property.
Default rows per rule 1000 The generator will create new rules with specified rows or objects counter.
Default transaction size 500 The number of rows or objects that will be entered or created per transaction. Use 0 for autocommit.
Default NULL fill factor 10% This percentage of records from their entire number will have the Null value.
Default Data rule mode Append Default mode for data rule: append, replace, update or scramble. The generator will create new rules with this mode.
Scrambled table suffix _scrambled Target table generation method for scramble mode. The program will append specified string to the name of the source table to create a name of the target.
Initial Scramble rule state Scramble all columns The user should select the first case when he or she want to scramble most columns. The second choice suitable in case most columns must save original values.
Ignore timestamps On If this option is switched ON the program will generate data for "timestamp" data type depends on your database system. Ignore fill method will be applied otherwise.
Create .BAK file On The tool creates a backup copy of current project before save it.
Single CPU Off for Enterprise
On for other
Enterprise version of the program does not use multiprocessor optimization when this option is switched On.

Rule and Project Settings
DTM Data Generator: Data Rule and Project settings window