About the test data generator

DTM Data Generator is a simple, powerful and fully customizable tool that generates data rows and schema objects for database testing purposes.
The project is a set of generation rules. There are four principle generation rules: data rows generation (one rule correspond with one table but the user enabled to create a few rules for the same table), tables generation, objects generation and clear rule.

  • The data rule inserts or appends the specified number of records into one table. This rule can also update existing data or scramble it to another database.
  • The tables rule creates any number of tables with the same structure and with the names according to the template; the created tables can be populated by test data.
  • The objects rule makes any number of database objects (views, procedures, etc) with the same definition (SQL statement) and with the names according to the template provided by user.
  • Clear Rule helps users to remove existing data from the database table(s) before the generator execution.

DTM Data Generator: main window of the test data generator

Note: '*' in the window title means the current project is not saved.

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