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Q: How to fill two linked tables with data?
A: Create a project with two data rules: the first one will fill in the parent (master) table and the second one will fill in the child (detail) table. At the same time, the program will automatically offer the method of filling based on FK (foreign key) values.
A: Run rule wizard and to select "create data generation rules for the selected tables automatically" options. The program will create necessary rules automatically.

Q: Are there any restrictions concerning the number of fields in a table or a file?
A: Yes, the program supports approximately 420-440 fields per table. If you need more fields, let us know and we will make a custom build for you.

Q: How to make the number of digits in the generated number fixed?
A: The easiest variant is to specify a range. For example, if you want integers to have 3 digits each, specify the range from 100 to 999.

Q: How to fill fields with values depending on other values in this or some other table?
A: Fill the column with random values and then use an update statement, specifying it as a script executed after the rule. During the rule execution, the program will fill out the table, while the script will set the values of calculated or dependent columns.
A: Use "by pattern" fill method.

Q: How to enter a date value into a field without specifying time?
A: Open the Settings page and specify the time format as an empty string.

Q: How to define constant value?
A: Use by list fill method with one value only.

Q: How to fill two columns (A and B) from one linked table coordinated?
A: Fill the first by SQL query like "select Column1,Column2 from LinkedTable". Next, create group consists of A and B columns.
A: Use "from table" fill method for both columns with required linked columns (Column1 and Column2 from the example above) and switch ON "use values from list sequentially". In this solution, data will be not really random but it is acceptable for most cases.