Value Library

Value Library is a set of frequently used value lists that you can use as a data sources during the generation process.

The following data sets are included in the software distribution package:

  • the list of countries,with country codes: Numeric, Alpha-2 and Alpha-3 by ISO 3166-1, currency codes
  • the list of US states with codes (like ISO 3166-2:US) and state Capitals,
  • the list of female first names,
  • the list of male first names,
  • the list of random names (first and last),
  • the list of colors,
  • the list of cities,
  • the list of random last names,
  • the list of occupations,
  • the list of typical company departments,
  • the list of industries,
  • the list of measure units,
  • the list of ZIP (postal) codes, samples only not a complete list.

How to modify Value Library

The value library uses SQLite physical format as data storage. It can be modified by Value Library Manager or any compatible editor e.g. DTM Data Editor.