Random BLOB loader

The Large Object Loader utility allows you to update selected column of the database table by random BLOBs from disk files located in the specified directory. Warning: all existing BLOBs will be overwritten without prompting.
The main purpose of the utility is loading objects to the existing table, for which DTM Data Generator has already generated data. The utility randomly selects files from the folder specified by the user, using them as objects.

The utility uses current database connection provided by the data generator. You should select a table and a field where the data will be loaded. If the table has a primary key, the program uses it automatically. If it doesn't, you should manually specify fields by which the program will search for unique records for loading. Be attentive when you select them.
The utility can load values both to all available records and to several records from the beginning of the table, if the corresponding parameter is specified. If you need to load data to more than one field, you should start the process several times, changing the field name and probably the folder with source files.

DTM Data Generator: large object loader utility