Database Monitoring Tool

The user who wants to run DTM DB Event as monitoring tool should make a few easy steps. It can be used for both database or server monitoring. The following table describes each step:

Step Description
Create new event The event is a set of properties. These properties define database server to be monitored, event condition and optional action.
Establish database connection Each event has individual database connection settings. That means you can watch a few different databases by different events. More information about connection options.
Define check For the simplest way, you can define something like "select 'dummy value' ". If the server can't execute it, it is down or we deal with connectivity problem. In more complex case the user can specify condition like "SQL statement must be executed faster than 200 ms" or "number of rows in the result set greater 5".
Define action (optional) The action instructs DTM DB Event to do something if the event occurs. For example, run SQL script or external batch file, that sent the e-mail to DBA.

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