Benchmarking Software for IBM DB2 Servers

The performance understanding and improvement is very important step of the software solution development and existing system maintenance. DTM DB Stress is a tool for DB2 and a few other database systems that collects performance metrics and allows users to compare them. I.e. it is suitable for configurations comparison: it provides comparison results as HTML report (sample) or set of diagrams. Of course, this benchmarking software can emulate a lot of virtual user with same or different activities.

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DTM DB Stress was designed to find answers for most important performance questions. There are:

  • How many transactions per second for required number of concurrent connections the server can commit?
  • How many users of each group (accountants, sales, etc.) can the database serve?
  • Have I to order new server or can increase performance enough if add CPU or RAM to server hardware?
  • Has my server free resources to support new users, department or remote office?
DTM DB Stress: performance counters for client and server side

Why DTM DB Stress is suitable for DB2 users?

  • The tool has powerful reporting feature for job execution, report comparison and project description.
  • DTM DB Stress allows users to run same test against different database systems and compare results like IBM DB2 v.s. Informix.
  • It supports SQL statement customization by value file with parameters.
  • The software has built-in test data generator for flexible and realistic user activity emulation.

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