How can this Database Stress Testing Tool Help Me?

Database and Application Developers

With database stress tool developers can get performance report for server side code and the whole system. It helps developers to identify and remove performance issues before software product publication.
The performance counters module allows finding system vulnerabilities. Built-in test data generator together with parameterization feature makes stress testing activities more realistic.

Database Administrators

A stress test is a perfect way to identify system, database or hardware bottlenecks. Also, the stress test software can help to analyze network loading for typical client activities like transaction processing or reporting. The stress utility emulates typical activity for specified number of virtual users or clients. Moreover, a few types of client activities can be emulated at once.
Another use case is database or server hardware performance comparison by executing same test job against a few databases, hardware or system configurations.

QA staff and testers

Test developers can create stress clone for most important tests and run them with the stress tool in a bulk manner. This way helps QA department not only analyze the system for bugs but evaluate related performance and find performance issues as well. Built-in reports allow users to identify critical components or hardware bottlenecks.

Performance analysts

The show execution plan feature helps performance analysts to find critical or extremely slow parts of the database system or application for typical client activities. Moreover, mentioned users can compare stress execution reports before and after optimizations or performance tuning.

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