DTM DB Stress as benchmarking tool for MySQL databases

DTM DB Stress created to help the users, administrators, and developers to understand MySQL database or server performance, compare the performance of different software and hardware configurations and tune the system. The benchmarking tool provides a few performance metrics and a way to compare them in a visual manner. The tool shows results as HTML report (sample), Excel spreadsheet or set of diagrams.

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DTM DB Stress: task customization options

With the software the user can analyze the system for following aspects:

  • How many transactions per second the MySQL server or application can perform for the required number of concurrent clients?
  • Can the database with current configuration support the required number of users?
  • How many select statements for the analytical purpose it can run per second in single user mode or concurrent mode.
  • Can I increase performance enough if change server hardware: add CPU, add RAM or replace storage subsystem?
  • Has my server free resources to additional client systems support?
  • Can new configuration of the MySQL database increase the performance for typical requests?

Why DTM DB Stress?

  • The benchmarking tool offers advanced and customizable reporting features for test job execution, results comparison and test project
  • DTM DB Stress allows users to run the same test against different database systems and compare results like MySQL v.s. PostgreSQL
  • It supports statement parameterization
  • It has built-in test data generator for realistic activity emulation
  • The tool supports SQL library that helps to share scripts and statement for the team

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