SQL Server Load Testing with DTM DB Stress

DTM DB Stress is a tool for SQL server based solutions testing. The load testing is bulk data operations with performance metrics collection. The mentioned operations can modify database (insert, update or delete) as well as analytical activity. DTM DB Stress emulates thousands virtual users with individual activity. It collects most important performance metrics and system performance counters and provides users with detailed graphical, HTML, Excel or text reporting.

Download free demo (?) version of DTM DB Stress and try it out

How to create a project for load testing?

There are a few simple steps:

  • Connect to SQL Server database. The stress tool supports ODBC or OLE DB connections for all modern SQL Server versions.
  • Describe virtual users number and activity. One user type is a task, one user instance is a thread.
  • Provide SQL script or statement for each activity type.
  • Use parameterization with external value file or built-in random data generator to make client activity more realistic.

Why DTM DB Stress?

  • Supports all modern version of the SQL Server as well as legacy versions with minimum limitations.
  • Can generate SQL Server specific query execution plan and include it to the report.
  • Rich reporting options.
  • Supports performance counters for client and server side.
  • Customizable and flexible.
  • Runtime edition available.

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