Database Load Testing. DTM DB Stress and DTM Data Generator Usage

The database load testing is a process of bulk data inserting and measuring some performance metrics like response time, memory usage or CPU loading. There are two tools by DTM soft suitable for database load testing: DTM DB Stress and DTM Data Generator. With both tools the user can run bulk test data loading into database.

DTM DB Stress is a load testing tool that runs and manages continuous set of requests to the server of the OLAP (query execution) and OLTP (adding/loading, modifying and deleting data in the database) types with detailed reports (HTML, Excel, visual).

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Key DTM DB Stress features for Load Testing

  • Great query parameterization options: external value file with three modes, built-in random data generator, etc.
  • A few reporting features: performance report, system performance counters value report, executed SQL statements report, etc.
  • The report comparison function is an easy way to compare two or more load test execution results: system loading, speed, productivity, etc.
  • Multivendor environment support: the user allowed to run load test against MySQL database as well as against Oracle or DB2 with this tool.

How to create simple load test with DTM DB Stress?

There are a few simple steps:

  • Specify connection information for target database
  • Create new task with required number of load threads
  • Use INSERT SQL statement with set of parameters as task definition
  • Associate each parameter with column of value file or test data generator
  • Save the task and run it
  • Analyze required metrics in progress and/or after test job completion

The following table explores differences between the tools for SQL load test purpose:

Option DTM DB Stress DTM Data Generator
Does the tool support concurrent activities for SQL load testing? Yes No
Does the tool provide detailed performance report? Yes No, basic measures only
Can the tool emulate different client activities at once? Yes No, data loading only
Does the tool allow user to watch for server performance counters? Yes, with performance counter module No
Can the tool automatically recognize master-detail relationships in data generation process? No Yes
Can the tool use existing data set? Yes, text/CSV files only Yes, database or external file
Does the tool provide random data source? Yes, without automatic rule generation Yes
Does the tool support SQL Server Bulk loading mode? No Yes

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