How to use DTM Data Comparer to compare and synchronize IBM Informix data?

DTM Data Comparer is a visual way to compare or synchronize Informix databases for any advanced user, DBA or information system developer. As an addition to the visual presentation of the comparison results it provides HTML, XML or Excel report. The software helps users to compare two Informix databases as well as Informix database with another DBMS data. Also, the table can be compared with a text file or Excel spreadsheet. DTM Data Comparer uses ODBC driver or OLE DB provider to access Informix server.

How does it work? The comparison tool extracts data rows of tables to be compared basing on the order of ascending of primary key or custom key values. If DTM Data Comparer can't find data rows with the same primary key value, it places the records to different grid lines and highlights row by the yellow background. In case values of the keys are equal, it places them to the same data grid lines and highlights cells for equal fields by the green background and different fields by the red background.

Also, this comparison and synchronization utility supports tables or files with different structure with a column mapping functionality. Furthermore, data transformation can be applied to target table during data synchronization as built-in IBM Informix Server functions. For example, the user can convert a string in the source table to date using TO_DATE function.

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Key Comparer Features

  • You can compare or synchronize databases at different platforms. The tool launched at Windows can compare data at Linux servers over the network.
  • The data comparison report allows the user to view differences in a visual manner.
  • The software can compare two Informix tables as well as to confront Informix table with another data object.
  • The column mapping and data conversion functions makes the process more flexible.
  • Console mode of the tool is designed for by schedule data synchronization.
  • The comparison report is customizable. The user is enabled to modify CSS to tune report design. Also, report localization is available.
  • DTM Data Comparer supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8/10 (desktop) and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016, read more. x64 version of the comparison tool is also available.

Why DTM Data Comparer

  • Uses ODBC driver for Informix Servers access, no additional software is required. OLE DB provider can be used as well, if necessary.
  • High performance for the typical client system. The user enabled to compare dozens million of data rows at standard PC.
  • Intuitive user interface with synchronous navigation and "differences only" mode saves time for database professionals.
  • Direct integration with DTM Schema Comparer for "one click" database schema comparison.

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