MySQL Database Performance Testing

The database performance is quantity of transactions or another database operations than can be executed per second or another period. In the modern world of "big data" the database performance is one of the most important characteristics of the solution. At the other hand, it is tool complex to analyze performance without proper set of tools.

DTM DB Stress is designed to perform MySQL database testing. Please download free demo (?) version of DTM DB Stress and try it out.

How to analyze MySQL database or solution?

There are a few simple steps:

  • Connect to target database via ODBC driver or OLE DB provider
  • Define end user activity to be measured: script, concurrent activities, etc.
  • Run created performance testing job.
  • Analyze collected metrics after test job completion in text or visual manner.

Why DTM DB Stress

  • Text, HTML and Excel reports for each advanced user
  • Built-in random data generator for realistic and flexible virtual user activity emulation
  • Runtime edition for more loading level

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