How to create stress test with DTM DB Stress utility?

The user should make a few simple steps to create stress test project with this tool. For default settings only four easy steps are required. Create your stress test within seconds!

Step Description
Connecting to database The stress tool requires database connection to execute stress tasks. By default all tasks use common connection. However professional version of the stress software allows the user to specify task-level connections.
More information about connection options.
Create a task One task emulates one client activity. To specify a few clients with a same behavior just set number of concurrent threads in the task properties. Additional options allow to make task more flexible. Read more about task properties.
Also, as the task definition you can import set of SQL statements caught by SQL Profiler.
Reporting settings (optional) The program can generate following execution reports:
  • Basic report with detailed execution time information (HTML format, [Example]).
  • SQL report contains executed statements ant depended metrics.
  • Excel compatible report [Example].
  • Performance counters report [Example].
Please refer to following page for project properties information.
Run the stress test By default the stress tool runs all enabled tasks concurrently.
The Professional and Enterprise edition users can run tasks sequentially as well as group tasks and use "by group" execution mode.

Download free demo (?) version of DTM DB Stress and try it out now!

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