How can DTM DB Stress help the user with database performance tuning?

How to use DTM DB Stress in the database performance tuning process.

The database performance tuning process is a set of steps to make some database or solution metrics better. For example, it may be query execution time and data fetching time. I.e. query performance tuning is decreasing of execution time process.

The first step in goals understanding. What value is acceptable for each metric and why? At the each optimization step, the developer changes SQL statement, index definition, procedure or trigger code and rerun the job. Now he or she should compare metrics before and after optimization or tuning step.

Please note that optimization process can be hardware related as well. For example, you can add RAM to database server, move database to RAID or change CPU. Also, you can execute the same SQL statement against same structure database located at another server. This activity helps DBA to understand the influence of the hardware on the solution performance.

Executing the statement with DTM DB Stress allows users to get the report after each execution. Moreover, the program can execute the statement a few times to avoid external factors like network or server loading. It provides minimum, average and maximum values for the selected metrics.

Also, the stress test tool can analyze the statement behavior for continuous execution. Has the statement speed degradation trend? Does it load server more or less in time?

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