DTM Data Generator Professional, DVD edition

The DVD edition of DTM Data Generator differs from the standard edition in the following: in addition to electronic delivery, we offer physical delivery for customers from North America and Europe. You will receive a disk with the software within 10-15 days after you place your order.
Besides the main installation package, the DVD contains the following supplemental materials:

  • Product presentation. 14 slides, PowerPoint format
  • The data generator software Manual in HTML, PDF and Windows HTML Help formats
  • Value Library source files (default set)
  • Additional Value Library source files, more than 75 data files
  • Articles about this test data management product, HTML format
  • Complete set of up to date demo versions of database tools by DTM soft with ready to use HTML helps
  • DLLs for running the products under Windows NT 4.0
  • Free database tools by DTM soft: ODBC manager, command line SQL runner, etc.

Also, anyone who buys the DVD edition can get a 10% discount for any other tool and/or 5% discount for our service and consulting within 3 months after the order.


DTM Data Generator Professional DVD BOX