Test Data Generator Features


Operating systems support Desktop: Windows XP (32-bit only), Vista, 7, Windows 8/10 (desktop)
Server 2003, 2008, 2012 or newer.
Does the product support data creation in command line mode? Yes, with the predefined project file.
Can I run it under Linux, Unix, MacOS? Only using multiplatform runtime version.


Additional client-side software requirements ODBC, OLE DB or Oracle Call Interface.
Can the software work with text files without database connection? Yes, the product can create a file(s) containing the set of insert SQL statements. This file can be used to load data to remote database.
Does the product support file DSNs? Yes.
Does the product support JDBC drivers? Only multiplatform runtime version.

Data Creation Process

How many data rows can the software create? In most cases maximum rows per rule is about 9,200,000,000,000,000,000 for Enterprise edition. However, the user can create a few identical rules for the same table.
Does the product support selective update existing data mode? Yes, as well as Append, Replace, and Data Scramble Modes.
What kind of value sources for data generation is supported? User defined lists
Text data files (one value per line)
Excel spreadsheet or Values Library
Another database table (from the same or another data source)
SQL statement
XML document
JSON file
Web resource accessible via HTTP or FTP
Does the product support data library for realistic data generation? Yes, the following data sets are included in the software distribution package:
the list of countries,
two lists of country codes,
the list of female first names,
the list of male first names,
the list of random names, etc.
Does the product support custom data library? Yes, you can use any SQLite data file with the same structure.
Can I use Python script as a source? Yes.
Can the product run SQL script before or after test data creation process? Yes, project-level and rue-level prologue and epilogue scripts are supported.
Should I order the full license to run a project created by my colleague? No, runtime license helps you save money in this case.

Data Generator, output

What kind of database objects are supported for creation? Data rows, Tables, and Objects (views, procedures, etc).
Does the product support generation test tables, views and other database objects by template? Yes.
Can the dummy data generator create a text file with generated data? Yes: tab-delimited file, CSV file or text file with custom field separator.
Can the software create an XML file with generated data? Yes.
Can the product create a JSON file with generated data? Yes.
Does the utility support custom formatting for generated values? Yes, C/C++-like format strings can be used for most rules.

Data Generator, database support

Does the product support any DBMS-specific features? Yes, for MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix, Sybase, SQLite and Interbase/Firebird.
Does the software support test data generation for BLOBs (large database objects)? Yes, basic support for BLOBs is available. Random BLOB loader is also included in the installation package.
Does the utility support database referential integrity? Yes, the generator uses foreign keys automatically.
Does the product recognize NULL properties automatically? Yes.
Can the product recognize database check constraints automatically? Yes, for Microsoft SQL Server data generation only.
Can the product clear tables before the data for testing generation? Yes, the Clear Rule can remove data rows from the selected tables.
Does the data maker support database schema changes verification? Yes.
Does the product allow user to customize transaction size? Yes.


Is help for the tool built into the product? Yes.
Is help for the tool available online? Yes, see online help
Is help for pattern engine available online? Yes, see engine help

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