How can a Test Data Generator Help Me?

Database Developers

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Modern information systems work with extra large data. Even if you create a great database application, you cannot be sure that it will work in real circumstances. A database developer should populate the test database with millions of realistic data records and run the application again and again. It is the only way to ensure that your users will get an application with the necessary performance and response time. The data generator helps you to populate a test database. During our tests, a new user of the product could install and configure the SQL data generator, create a project file and fill a database (30 tables with relationships) only within about 30 minutes.

QA Engineers and Testers

We are sure it is a bad idea to test an application with an empty database. A database with only limited types of various data is no good as well. DTM Data Generator helps you to populate the database with complete and realistic data.

IT Managers

It is very important to protect corporate data and privacy when you work with an outsourcing company. DTM Data Generator offers the data scramble feature that allows you to share data without the risk of disclosure.

Database Administrators

Providing acceptable performance is one of the administrator's most important tasks. The administrator should have a test database with realistic data to make the necessary changes in the database settings and options. Also, a realistic database helps you to find out how many times you have to complete general tasks like backing up data and rebuilding the index without any risk for production data.

Performance Analysts and Query Optimizers

The process of tuning the performance requires various data sets. With DTM Data Generator, you can create databases with the necessary properties like NULL value probability, density or the number of rows.

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