DTM Data Generator Revision History Archive

Version 2.01
  • Schema verification process improved and accelerated
  • "Remove schema name" migration tool implemented
  • New project migration tool: change name capitalization
  • Cumulative data generation engine and value library update
Version 2.00
  • Rows per rule limit extended to about 9 000 000 000 000 000 000 (Enterprise edition only)
  • Value Library Manager included into installation package (Enterprise edition only)
  • Data Masking Tool included into installation package (Enterprise edition only)
  • "Test data by example" feature was added to Rule Wizard
  • $IncDate and $IncTime functions support "after last" mode now
  • Web-based documents support implemented for JSON and XML fill methods
Version 1.80
  • $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros support added for output file name
  • Variable can be used as a part of output file name (project and rule level)
  • Variable applicable as a number of rows to be generated (constant and random modes only)
  • HTML project report extensions: transaction mode, row count mode, etc.
  • Cumulative diagnostics and connectivity modules update
Version 1.70
  • Rule list context menu extensions: copy table name, etc.
  • "Write successfully executed statements only" option added to project properties
  • Better support timezones (zz format item) in $Time and $Now functions
Version 1.60
  • Web requests support was implemented for "From file" fill method
  • New fill methods: JSON document, XML file, external Script and Excel spreadsheet
  • Project report improvements
Version 1.59
  • Major patter engine update: new functions ($IncFloat, $JSON, $CVT), new parameters and options
  • Incremental fill method support improved
  • Better pattern engine manual integration
  • Product manual cumulative update
Version 1.58
  • Console mode diagnostics improved: new return codes added
  • "Convert to pattern" function implemented for rule editor
  • New group management user interface
Version 1.57
  • Blob loader improvements: performance, process cancellation, etc.
  • Database schema verification function improved
  • Cumulative upgrade for pattern engine
Version 1.56
  • Better windows shell integration
  • Major pattern engine update, new functions ($WebFile, $WebFileGroup, $Case), etc
  • Database Connection module cumulative upgrade
Version 1.55
  • Better unique value generation for lists
  • "Clear" rule performance improvement
  • Better support for SQLite database connections
Version 1.54
  • New pattern engine with expressions pre-compilation
  • JSON file output format added
  • Schema cache feature optimized for Oracle and Sybase
Version 1.53
  • New GUI for "by regular expression" fill method
  • User defined version control system support added for project files
  • Cumulative pattern engine update: better Unicode support, new parameters and options
  • Better support for export groups and custom connections to poratble format (.DGP2)
Version 1.52
  • New project report details added
  • The "Ignore schemas" option added
  • Better schema cache support in the SQL editors
Version 1.51
  • Project report extended for variables, named generators and incremental method
  • New variable type: Pattern Engine statement
  • Pattern engine extensions: better parameterization for $Inc, $IncDate, $IncTime and $Sequence
Version 1.50
  • HTML reports (Project and Execution) customization with CSS added
  • New settings and options
  • Complete report localization support by external profile
Version 1.49
  • Export to portable format enhanced for extra large tables
  • Better support for SQL Server identity columns
  • Major update for Value Library: new tables and value sets
Version 1.48
  • "Export one" and "Append from" operations for named generators
  • Better support for Asian languages (Enterprise Unicode version)
  • Export to "data generation script" feature added
  • Connectivity enhancements
Version 1.47
  • The tool supports regular expression as a generator
  • $Regexp function added to pattern engine
  • Oracle Call Interface support enhancements
Version 1.46
  • New $if function and logical expressions added
  • Better support for nested patterns
  • $List function is now support patterns
Version 1.45
  • Named generators support in the Pattern Engine
  • New pattern engine functions for 'geography' and 'geometry' data
  • Added export to portable project file format for multiplatform runtime
Version 1.44
  • Pattern engine additions: $XML function added
  • $RTime supports function call or variable as "from" and "to" parameters
  • Value Library addition: national first names for Italian
Version 1.43
  • Value Library update: national sample phrases for Italian, German, French and Russian languages
  • Value Library additions: national first names for German and French
  • Added "duplicate a few rules" feature
  • Pattern engine update: new $Text function options (languages and external phrase file)
  • Pattern engine addition: $Variables function
  • Functions $Inc, $IncDate and $IncTime support function call as initial value
  • Functions $Query and $QueryGroup support function call as query text
Version 1.42
  • Added "Check syntax" feature for by pattern fill method
  • New named generator management options
  • Pattern library performance enhancements
Version 1.41
  • New pattern engine functions: $Pattern, $Format, $List, $Sequence, $Quote, $IncTime, $IncDate
  • New form of the $Inc function: insert after last value
  • New edition of the $TableGroup function: custom connections support.
  • Random integer range extended to 64 bit values.
Version 1.40
  • New execution console options and settings
  • Better variables support in the pattern library
Version 1.39
  • Project file stores BLOB loader options
  • -b command line switch
  • $RInt and $RFloat pattern engine functions improvement
  • Update mode enhancements: performance, better compound PK support
  • New functions $Upper and $Lower
Version 1.38
  • Global and Local variables
  • Built-in Help system improved
  • Value Library fixes and extensions
Version 1.37
  • "Change target table" feature added
  • GUI updates: menu and toolbar enhancements
Version 1.36
  • Custom connection support for $Table, $Query and $QueryGroup functions
  • Normal and Linear distributions for $RFloat function
  • 'C' format for all date functions
  • Performance enhancements
Version 1.35
  • Value library redesign and new items
  • Better support for custom read-only value libraries
  • New "File Structure" dialog box options
  • SQL editor extensions: new context menu, plug-ins support, etc.
Version 1.34
  • Pattern engine new functions: $Text, $MSExcelGroup
  • "Where" for $Library and $Table functions
  • @'column' support in "where" clause of $Lib function
  • Maximum length parameter for $Library function
  • Custom column separators for $FileGroup function
Version 1.33
  • New pattern engine (?) replaces masks
  • Special easy GUI for flat file generation
  • Greater support for Oracle Instant Client
Version 1.32
  • BLOB loader was integrated in the common GUI and uses default connection
  • Runtime License
  • Project Migration tool was integrated into navigation tree
  • New rule editor design for Data Rule
  • New rows and entries in Value Library
Version 1.31
  • Time formats extended by milliseconds and time zones
  • Project report extended for named generators and rule details
  • Import/Export features for named generators
Version 1.30
  • New navigation panel
  • "Schema Cache" feature optimized
  • New Value Library format (MDB), the library builder tool is no longer required
  • Quick Log Viewer feature
  • Named Generators feature
  • Quick Report access feature for project and execution console
  • New Project Report extensions
Version 1.24
  • Single transaction mode
  • Better support for modern data types: geometry, geography, hierarchy, etc.
  • Enhanced support for "wide" tables (400 and more columns)
Version 1.23
  • New project property: default target connection for scramble mode
  • The version allows the user to specify custom date format for column as well as to use default one.
  • New schema verification procedure and changes viewer.
Version 1.22
  • Database Schema cache
  • New 'L' option for 'by mask' fill method
  • New values library lists and extensions
Version 1.21
  • Custom Generator fill method.
  • US SSN generator included
Version 1.20
  • Data scramble support in the Rule Wizard
  • New product settings: default rule type, scramble suffix, scramble default mode, etc
  • A few project report enhancements
Version 1.19
  • New tree-view project properties window
  • Report enhancements (project description, author, etc)
  • New tree-view Settings Window
  • New GUI and data generation options
Version 1.18
  • three versions
  • unicode and x64 support
  • values library extensions
  • greater support for multi-processor systems
  • project migration tool
  • console and silent execution modes
  • new features of the mask fill method ('X' sign, {=n}, etc)
  • Professional service
Version 1.17
  • HTML execution report
  • Better support for schema changes (add or remove columns)
  • Important Values Library enhancements
  • Minor GUI changes
Version 1.16
  • Repeatable and random data generation mode
  • Greater support for Windows Vista
  • Performance enhancements for text and XML output formats
Version 1.15
  • Views and Synonyms support in the Data Generation Rule
  • Local menu for columns list
  • Different target database support for Database Scramble mode
Version 1.14
  • Columns Groups support for Data Generation Rule
  • "Performance mode" and a few performance enhancements
Version 1.13
  • Rule Wizard enhancements: new options, user interface changes
  • New Data Generation Rule and Project window interface
  • Additional project and product settings
Version 1.12
  • BLOB Loader and Library Builder are included in the installation package
  • Greater support for Oracle foreign keys and relationships
  • Incremental fill method for Date and Time data types
Version 1.11
  • Support XML as a target data format
  • "Computed" fill method
  • Minor interface changes
Version 1.10
  • Database Scramble mode
  • Format strings for "From table" fill method
  • New settings for log and generator execution
Version 1.09
  • Non-integer ranges for float and money are supported
  • Database Schema viewer window
  • "After last" option for Incremental data creation rule
  • "BULK INSERT" mode for local MS SQL Server test data creation
Version 1.08
  • Table information dialog in the rule editor
  • Project properties: prologue and epilogue scripts
  • New user interface
  • Greater support for flat text files as data for testing format
  • Time ranges are supported
  • New Values Library format, new data sets
Version 1.07
  • Greater support for compound Foreign Keys
  • Support for CHECK constraints (for MS SQL Server test data)
  • "Smart fill" option for well known columns (more realistic data for names, countries, phones, addresses, etc).
  • "Use list items as a mask" option for the list-based fill methods
  • New default data rule properties
Version 1.06
  • Rule wizard helps the user to automate data for testing creation
  • Supports new fill method: "by SQL statement"
  • Database Schema verification before execution option
  • Support for IDAPI and Oracle Call Interface
  • Important interface improvements
Version 1.05
  • Greater support for GUID and "bigint" data types
  • Preview dialog for sample generated data
  • Command line options -r and -q
  • Export generated data to text file
Version 1.04
  • Incremental fill options
  • Create database objects rules
Version 1.03
  • Interface change: execution console
  • Values Library makes data for testing more realistic
Version 1.02
  • Enhanced support for foreign keys
  • Date and Time format customization
  • User interface improvements