Test Database Generator for MS SQL Server

DTM Data Generator was designed for test databases population. It analyzes the structure of SQL Server database and makes realistic test data based on master-details relationships, data types, column unique options, check constraints, nullability, etc. For advanced users, the product has built-in pattern engine for complex data and dependencies definition. The software can generate sample tables, views, and another schema objects as well as data rows.

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Software Product Features

  • It offers twelve basic fill methods and four data generation modes.
  • The built-in Value Library makes test data more realistic: names, cities, countries, currencies, etc.
  • The tool can populate MS SQL Server database as well as DB2 or Interbase one. DTM Data Generator supports unified database interfaces: ODBC, OLE DB, IDAPI/BDE.
  • The schema validation module watches for database structure changes and updates project file automatically.
  • The generator has built-in BLOB loader for large objects loading from files to database randomly.
  • DTM Data Generator supports console and silent modes for data generation or scramble by schedule.
  • The tool has supplemental SDK to add data generation facility to customer's solution.

Why DTM Data Generator is suitable for MS SQL Server users

  • The software recognizes SQL Server specific data types (e.g. bit, tinyint, image, text, datetime2, etc.) that allow the generator to creates optimal rules automatically.
  • It supports bulk insert mode for local SQL Server.
  • DTM Data Generator supports trusted connections (Windows authentication) as well as SQL Server authentication.
  • It supports all SQL Server versions via ODBC or OLE DB interface.

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