How use DTM Data Comparer as PostgreSQL databases comparison and synchronization software?

DTM Data Comparer is a visual database comparison and synchronization software. The tool was created to help DBA, developers and advanced database users to compare or synchronize PostgreSQL databases, and other database types and desktop files. It offers two comparison and synchronization modes: visual and command line.

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How does it operate with PostgreSQL databases?

The software fetches tables and compares primary keys or user defined unique keys. For orphaned rows, the software places the records to different lines and marks row by the yellow background. Next, it places rows with equal keys to the same grid lines and marks cells for equal fields by green background and different fields by red.

Key Comparison Software Features

  • The software can compare tables in two PostgreSQL databases as well as compare PostgreSQL table with another data format like MySQL, Firebird or text file.
  • DTM Data Comparer designed to compare a few tables at once as well as compare one PostgreSQL tables pair only.
  • The software offers special navigation modes for wide (a lot of columns) and large scale tables.
  • Query to Table comparison and synchronization mode is suitable for complex cases like join of tables comparison.

Why DTM Data Comparer is suitable for PostgreSQL?

  • It recognizes PostgreSQL-specific data types: int2, int4, int8, float4, float8, etc.
  • $DATE$ and $TIME$ macros help users to create new report file for each comparison automatically.
  • In can help to compare PostgreSQL data with another type of database: Sybase, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, SQLite, etc.
  • "Face to face" viewer is suitable for wide tables comparison.

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