Data Masking. Why do You Need It

The database solution developers need a database to text the software or server side components like triggers or stored procedure. They can work with real data. However, this way produces a problem with critical data compromising. If the company works with subcontractors or outsourcing developers the problem becomes most important.

DTM Data Generator offers a built-in tool for data masking or scrambling. How does it work? The user selects tables and columns to be masked and the generator replaced mentioned columns to randomly generated but realistic values: card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, names, e-mails, etc. The software allows users to select target DB: new table can be saved to same or another database.

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Critical data masking software: DTM Data Generator modes

The data generation software also offers the alternate solution for data masking. If the user already copies the production database to test one the "Update" mode is more suitable. It masks confidential data "in-place", i.e. without copy to a new table. It works faster than the first case but required a copy, as mentioned.

Why DTM Data Generator is suitable for critical data protection?

  • It is database independent. The user is enabled to mask Oracle data as well as IBM DB2 or Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Is supports Value Library with predefined lists of cities, companies, first and last names, etc. That helps to keep masked data realistic.
  • The Rule Wizard automatically creates a project file for data masking. The user have to select columns to be scrambled only.
  • DTM Data Generator provides the user with built-in data generation language. For complex cases and advanced users.

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