Data Generator for MySQL Databases

DTM Data Generator was designed to populate test databases by data and schema objects. It generates data rows for existing tables as well as creates test tables, views, and other objects. The program recognizes master-detail relationships automatically and creates optimal rules for DB2 data generation. The key product feature is flexibility: it offers built-in data creation language for complex data and dependencies definition.

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Key Data Generator's Benefits

  • The Rule Wizard scans existing database structure and helps users to create your data generation project by a few clicks.
  • The company allowed creating better software product or solution with realistic test data.
  • The corporate users can scramble existing data to avoid compromising with Enterprise edition of the generator.
  • It offers Value Library with predefined data sets makes test data more realistic: geographic and personal data, corporate information, etc.
  • The tool supports unified database interfaces: ODBC, OLE DB, IDAPI/BDE. The user allowed operating with MySQL database as well as with SQL Server or Oracle server.
  • The tool supports all modern Windows versions: 2003 or newer Server, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/10 (desktop).

Does DTM Data Generator suitable for MySQL?

  • It supports native connections to MySQL as well as ODBC Connector.
  • The tool recognizes data types specific for MySQL database and makes suitable data generation rules automatically
  • It supports automatically project correction after MySQL database schema changing.
  • The project migration tool helps to change target DB or even database system to be populated.
  • The BLOB loader provides the user a way to load random large objects from files to a database.
  • The software supports unattended mode for data generation by schedule.

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